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Younique by Angela

"You can't buy Happiness, but you can buy 

Makeup, which is kind of the same thing."


“Thank you! And if you want to use my testimony that Younique liquid foundation beats Bobbi Brown liquid foundation, please do! I still have half a bottle left of the Bobbi Brown and I don't even want to finish it. I love the Younique foundation so much more. It definitely provides more coverage to dark circles under the eyes (those come not only with being tired, but with having such fair skin) and gives me a more even tone since I have so many freckles. I'm really glad I finally tried it!”  Katie Szachta

“Used my Suntan products Friday night & showered Sun morning. Went to my step baby's birthday party & people were asking if I just got back from a trip. I really liked & so did they. They are interested in info on your products. More new customers. Yeah!”  JoAnn Wilson Merk