I started making my scarves because my daughter wanted to learn to knit. One day I sat down and watched a YouTube video and started making some little scarves. She got over the knitting craze pretty quickly, but I found it something that I very much enjoy doing! I always said I wanted to find a scarf that did not get all in in my way and was just for around my neck. So that’s how these were created! The buttons on these are adjustable and they come in many different colors and styles!

I love that these scarves not only bring happiness to those who wear them, but a portion of it also gets to help women who desperately need support. $5.00 of each sale of a scarf is donated to the Younique Foundation.


Prices are mostly $25, $30 for custom such as St Louis Blues, and hand dyed wool is $35. Message me to place an order or to ask about available colors/styles.